TNJ, Live event , May 24th 2013

Cc Den Amer, Diest (Belgium) :

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The Neon Judgement IS recording again !

TNJ , home of Tb Frank and Dirk Da Davo got into the studio again for recording some cover versions of tracks that might realy surprise you!

Working title for the project : “COVER UP” More info will be available soon !

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NEON ELECTRONICS :: TOYBOY EP , digital release february 11th 2013 !!


DIGITAL RELEASE February 11th 2013 !!!!

Press release :

TOYBOY EP is an extract (extra tracks) of the NEON ELECTRONICS album release EVER AFTER MONKEY (the bleu one) that got first released during 2007 in France. Flavoured here with remixes of Helmut Kraft (France) and the exclusive DarK End Version of ECONOMIX !

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Tracklist :
1. Toyboy  (Dropping Dishes feat. Dirk Da Davo)
2. Economix (Radio Edit)
3. Economix (Dark End Mix)
4. Economix (Helmut Kraft’s Teen Junky Remix)
5. Economix (Helmut Kraft NY Rooftop Remix)
6 .Cherish Love
7. Jazzbox (Backlash Remix)
8. Les Enfants Du Paradis (Version 2012)


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To celebrate the re-newed website , home of  THE NEON JUDGEMENT, NEON ELECTRONICS and RADICAL G::


NEON ELECTRONICS :::  “OVER AND OVER” (Keylogger cd release)

Click here to get it :

So far!

DanceDelic D






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12_12_12 :: Renewed ddd website is up !

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TNJ :: Digital release ‘We Never Said You’re No Good” (Live session rec.1984)

TNJ :: digital release  The Neon Judgement :: ‘We Never Said You’re No Good”

Record LIVE in 1984 !!!

Containing live versions of The Fashion Party, Sister Sue, Factory Walk, I Wish I Could and more!

Also available on LIMITED VINYL EDITION !!!

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NEWS :: RADICAL G, SINNER EP :: Digital release

Dancedelic-[D] is proud to present the first signed external artist, 120% Belgian electro root music:

Radical G :: Sinner EP

Digital release date:: September 24th, 2012

Hold on tight for this on! After “Shadowdancing”, Belgian artist RadicalG is coming on strong with this “Sinner E.P.”

This 4 track slammer doesn’t need much introduction.
“Teufel kind” is a downtempo electro pearl with typical dark vocals and stomping beats.
“Fright night” comes with that demonic twist of analogue power which is hard to find in electronic productions these days.
If this isn’t enough, “Blitzkrieg” will be for sure. This EBM sounding electro monster will bomb your dance-floor with rockets and grenades against 118 BMP, while the title track “Sinner” makes it complete, using that all known 90’s rave sound of the classic Roland alpha juno synth.

A mix of dark electronic songs, a must have for the dark generation who’s into EBM sounding electro/techno.


  • Blitzkrieg (6:24)
  • Fright Night (9:33)
  • Teufel Kind (7:14)
  • Sinner (6:37)

Neon Electronics :: NEW cd release :: KEYLOGGER

It’s not quite obsessive–compulsive disorder yet, but still…

Because for Dirk Da Davo aka Neon Electronics, there are no alternative options: over the years, heart, soul and drum machine have merged into a near mystical, throbbing undercurrent, where dented synths lay down grooves to make the night get up and shake some.

So, on “Keylogger”, he keeps on kneading his own Semtex, as he has been doing since the eighties, be it as one half of The Neon Judgement or in his own Neon Electronics…


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TNJ :: EARLY TAPES + extra’s :: Digital release + available on cd

“Early Tapes” showcases the band’s brash and seedy lyrics, with synth stabs and repetitive drum machine beats adding to this rhythmic discourse.

The result is a combination of lo-fi technology and emotional sincerity to create a sound both warm yet alienating…and with 30 years gone by this music still evokes the same magic!

Extra Tracks

  • Shyzofrenic Freddy (live, recorded @ Arno’z, Leuven (Belgium) june 25 1982)
  • Concrete (Vegas) (live, recorded @ Arno’z, Leuven (Belgium) june 25 1982)
  • Sexhead ( Dirk Da Davo), taken from the 1987 12″ release ‘Where Even Angels Fall”

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