TNJ :: EARLY TAPES + extra’s :: Digital release + available on cd

“Early Tapes” showcases the band’s brash and seedy lyrics, with synth stabs and repetitive drum machine beats adding to this rhythmic discourse.

The result is a combination of lo-fi technology and emotional sincerity to create a sound both warm yet alienating…and with 30 years gone by this music still evokes the same magic!

Extra Tracks

  • Shyzofrenic Freddy (live, recorded @ Arno’z, Leuven (Belgium) june 25 1982)
  • Concrete (Vegas) (live, recorded @ Arno’z, Leuven (Belgium) june 25 1982)
  • Sexhead ( Dirk Da Davo), taken from the 1987 12″ release ‘Where Even Angels Fall”

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