Out on November 6th 2017 : Dirk Da Davo / Jean Marie Aerts: DDDJMX EP

We are very proud to present this upcoming release on november 6th 2017!

Dirk Da Davo / Jean -Marie Aerts : DDDJMX EP  (digital 4track + bonus track)

Will be available on i Tunes, Spotify, Beatport and many more… !

DDD co working with JMX , producer (amongst Luc Van Acker) of The Neon Judgement’s ‘Blood and Thunder’ album (1989)!

All tracks written by Dirk Da Davo / Jean-Marie Aerts.

Vocals / lyrics by Dirk Da Davo

Produced by Dirk Da Davo @ Fuerte Sound Station (Spain)

Mastering : Cms – Productions (Belgium)

Artwork: Nele Breyne

Cat nr DDD26.


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Dirk Da Davo: ‘PROTEST EP’
Digital release May 31th 2017 on DANCEDELICD.COM
FREE DOWNLOAD campaign starting May 5th, here and now !!

Look for FREE DOWNLOAD link on Soundcloud !

Out of love for music and fans!

DIRK DA DAVO : PROTEST EP. 5 brand new tracks (2017)!!
Do not grow into slavery _ Do not tolerate violence _ Free your mind _ Learn from the past _ Protect your surroundings _ Stand up for your privacy.

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Free downwload made available: Formshift Ft Neon Electronics : What We Want (Noseda Darktechno Rework)

Starting 2017 with a blast : FREE DOWNLOAD made available on Soundcloud , February 1th 2017 !

Get it here!:

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Re release The Neon Judgement : Cockerill Sombre 12″ vinyl

We are happy to announce the re release of TNJ’s first 12″ COCKERIL SOMBRE on DARK ENTRIES Records (USA)!!!

Street date : February 6th 2017



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THE NEON JUDGEMENT : DIGITAL RELEASE , Classic album: 1981-1984

January 30th 2017 , The Neon Judgement: digital release CLASSIC ALBUM:  “1981-1984”!

Including TV TREATED and THE FASHION PARTY, original versions + radio edit’s!!!

First time digital available : ONE JUMP AHEAD!

More news soon to come!

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FORMSHIFT feat. NEON ELECTRONICS; digital single release january 25th 2016 !!!

FORMSHIFT Feat. Neon Electronics

“FORMSHIFT” is an alter ego of Gavin Bucktrout from Holland. At a young age Gavin got infected with Electronic music. Started playing vinyl records at the age of 13 and later under his alias D-Spirit he played at numerous parties and festivals since the year 2000.
On his travel trough musical universe, FORMSHIFT ran into DIRK DA DAVO (ex The Neon Judgement), and also one of the beatmakers of the ‘NEON ELECTRONICS’ project. Dirk emidiately was impressed by FORMSHIFT’s electro drones and it didn’t take much time for DDD to co operate vocal wise!
The result of this co-operation are 2 killer tracks that will be released the 25th of January 2016 through Dirk’s label
Fasten your seatbells and get into this wild groove!

Cat nr DDDD22
Release date :
25 01 2016 :

Stream a song from apple music, invoke notification center and watch in sheer delight as the lyrics are pulled from the official licensed database of tunes and displayed right in front of your very eyes

TNJ, CAPSULE EP , DIGITAL RELEASE MAY 18th 2015 !! On iTunes, Beatport, ….


Including 2 exclusive BONUS TRACKS! A.o KASHMIR, SUZIE Q, HUMAN FLY and more!!

Soon available on i Tunes, Beatport and more!!

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OUT ON APRIL 18th 2015 : The Neon Judgement luxury vinyl box: TIME CAPSULE 1980-2015 , vinyl collection containing a.o. TNJ’s DOCUVISION 2010a1984 dvd documentary and much more!! (on NEWS Records / DanceDelic D)

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NEON ELECTRONICS /ne: NEW CD and digi release on February 3th 2015!


When kindred souls meet across generations, the result of such cultural crossbreeding is often interesting, sometimes good and, if they really connect on different levels, mesmerizing…


A co production between  (Fr) and

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Radical G: “Fury” EP, digital release Dec.15th 2014!

Radical G : FURY EP

RADICAL G : “FURY” EP containing remixes of WORKERPOOR, MR. MAGNETIK , HNDRK !!!

Belgian’s “EBM meets techno producer” Radical G in full overdrive.

Fury, taken from the forthcoming album “Mankind” is a dramatic pounding piece of Techno with no compromises, straight forward EBM sequences combined with TR808/909 beats and explosive FX.

This track is, as the title says, FURIOUS , a growling build up with a long break towards the end, a truly tremendous rush through the darker spectrum in this genre.

Charted by Dave Clarke weekly !!!

The album promises (release date 6 Feb2015)

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