DanceDelic [D]igital is a European record label that publishes electronic dance music.
The label is managed by Dirk Da Davo (a.o.The Neon Judgement / Neon Electronics).We do not restrict ourselves to commercial techno or house but believe in a broad basis and melange both in genre as in history.

We keep this label small which allows us to be efficient and fast and which gives us the opportunity to publish new, (r)evolutionary music.

Move to the  releases  to browse through our published artists, take a look at their records or get information on how and where to buy / download our records.


Belgium is a small territory with only a limited amount of record labels. None of those have the ability or the intention to invest in new, alternative music. This obliges artists to create music for a particular label or create commercial, mainstream music.

We want to publish an alternative and revolutionary kind of music, without any restrictions. In this way we like to reach a public that has a need for new uncompromising sounds and grooves.

With this in view we run a fast and efficient label. Large record companies have a huge marketing machine but are too slow to produce progressive music. The whole process from production until the moment the CD ends up on the shelves just takes too long.


If you would like to submit demo recordings along with bios, press, etc…
Feel free to contact us.

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