TNJ , Documentary : “2010a1984 Docuvision”


TNJ , DOCUVISION 2010A1984, Rockumentary soon on your TV!

Thirty years ago, they were young, loud and angry.
Today, they’re young at heart, loud and furious.

With a heart racing at rhythm machine speed through the black and white game of dark tunnels and sunlit summer days, the Neon Judgment’s rebel engine can not, will not, shall not stop. Because the choice to have a voice can never be a whim. Because they owe it to themselves. And to those who still have eyes to see the medium, the message, the massacre.

Thirty years ago, ‘Nion Nion’ was a rally cry.
It still is, baby.

In Documentary 2010, The Neon Judgement look back on a roller coaster career driven by the urgency to make that voice heard. Testimonials by the likes of Dave Clarke, The Hacker and Terence Fixmer witness the fact that it was. And ofcourse this calls for a celebratory tour. Accompanied by Documentary 2010, Dirk Da Davo and TB Frank will take to the road with dusted off gems from the past – surprised you will be – and new artillery that looks the present straight in the eye. Because they’ve got a TV eye on you…

More news soon on TNJ’s Documentary 2010 Tour.

Watch the exclusive preview of The Neon Judgement Documentary 2010 below. Featuring Dirk Da Davo, TB Frank, Terence Fixmer, Luc Van Acker, The Hacker, Patrick Codenys (front242), Dave Clarke.













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