Dirk Da Davo :: Backyard :: Digital release (compilation 8ties/9ties solo projects)

January 11th, 2010 Dirk Da Davo’s “Back Yard” album has been digitaly released trough DDD’s label DanceDelic-[D].

Back Yard is a compilation cd/project containing DDD’s 8ties solo recordings.
This is rare to find material! For this special occasion Dirk Da Davo recently recorded a cover version of Luc Van Acker’s fabulous track ‘The Fear In My Heart’ witch will be a part of this release!


  • Sex Head (1987)
  • The Fear In My Heart (2011 version)
  • Where Even Angels Fall (1887 )
  • My Wild Love (1987)
  • Meat Cathedral (Meat rmx, with Glenn Frank/Street Ducks) 1987
  • T-Program (1992)
  • In Dreams (1992)
  • Teach (1992)
  • Dreams (Hell Funky Mix) (1992)
  • Meat Cathedral (with Gelnn Frank/Street Ducks), 1987