Digital (R)evolution

Recently The Neon Judgement started their own digital revolution by meaning of releasing records online troughDirk DaDavo’s label DanceDelic-D.

The renewed website contains the re-releases of TNJ’s 90ties records At Devils Fork and DAZSOO.
Both re-releases are flavored with in total 7 extra remixes that didn’t appear on cd before!

Further more there are the Neon Electronics (Dirk Da Davo’s side project) albums System Rivièra (+remixes), NE’s Debut Album (included CJ Bolland’s remix of U.B. There!) and the NE 12” release Better Way (Dirk Da Davo vs The Hacker).
This record is containing also a splendid remix from David Carretta.

If you are interested in buying NEON music online or on cd, see the Hall of Records for more details.

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