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February 11, 2013


TOYBOY EP is an extract (extra tracks) of the NEON ELECTRONICS album release EVER AFTER MONKEY (the bleu version) that got first released during 2007 in France. Flavoured here with remixes of Helmut Kraft and the exclusive DarK End Version of ECONOMIX !


  • Toyboy EP


1. Toyboy (Dropping Dishes feat. Dirk Da Davo)
2. Economix (radio edit)
3. Economix (Dark End Mix)
4. Economix (Helmut Kraft Teen Junky Remix)
5. Economix (Helmut Kraft NY Rooftop Remix)
6. Cherish Love (Co-production with Dimitri Dewever / Swirl People)
7. Jazzbox (Backlash Remix)
8. Les Enfants Du Paradis (Version 2012)

Exclusive digital release
Catalog DDDD17