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November 09, 2006


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  • Monkey Ever After


1. Les Enfants Du Paradis (edit version)
2. Maximum Joy ( Franz And Shape feat. Neon Electronics)
3. No Religion
4. Sweet And Vicious (Division Kent, Neon Electronics remix)
5. Miss Brown (The Neon Judgement, Neon Electronics remix)
6. My Gun (Implant, Neon Electronics remix)
7. We Lost a Child
8. Sparkling Clean
10. Economix
11. Better Way (Neon Electronics vs. The Hacker)
12. Jazzbox (The Neon Judgement, Neon Electronics remix)
13. The Fashion Party (The Neon Judgement, Neon Electronics remix)
14. Les Enfants Du Paradis (long edit)
15. Shadowplayer (Implant remix)

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CD Album
Catalog # DDDD10

A.o. co- productions with The Hacker and Franz And Shape ...