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January 30, 2012


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  • Neon Electronics


1. Under The Worst Condition
2. Glimp (NE vs. Radical G.)
3. For a Second
4. Mother Earth
5. The Fear In My Heart
6. Over And Over (NE vs. Radical G.)
7. Rhythm (NE vs. Radical G.)
8. Millimetric - Prejudicial Silence (NE Remix)
9. Plastic World People
10. This Thin Air (NE ft. JMX)
11. Greed
12. Daydreamer
13. Over And Over (Millimetric remix)
14. Under The Worst Condition (Action Nano remix)
15. Under The Worst Condition (9 Elma vs Lyynk remix)
16. Under The Worst Condition (DJ Element remix)

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CD Album
Catalog # DDDD14

Included Millimetric remix Over And Over!