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Digital mini album

All instruments played by Dirk Da Davo except, on bass (+ slideguitar on track 1) : SANCHEZ!
Lyrics track 2 People Are Strange by Jim Morrison
Produced and arranged by Dirk Da Davo @ Punta Mita Beach Studios (Mexico)
Artwork by Sanchez.

Cat nr. DDD036



1.When Strangers Pass by
2.People Are Strange
3.Grow Strange
4.How Strange Can You Get (instrumental)
5.When Strangers Pass By (extended instrumental)
6. Rainbow (bonus track)
7. Shine The Light (bonus track)
8. When Strangers Pass By (radio edit)

Summer 2020:

After the previous recordings of the “Z” EP , the time left during 2019 Sanchez started to tour again with his Mexican side kick band “El Caballo”. Da Davo continued his course learning Spanish untill … the incredible bad virus came in !!! Both of them decided to 'duck and cover' for this incredible attacker virus, so they met up in Punta Mita (Mexico) to record some more material at their beach house studio. And.... as the incredible antagonist virus made their life so “StrAnGe" and unusual (even in Punta Mita!), they decided to title their new recorded concept as “StRaNge”. So "StRaNge" is pointing directly to the feeling they got through the incredible enemy virus that is surrounding them!!! And the created audio recordings are sounding like Dark Mex Tex! That is very very “StrAnGe” indeed !!

StRaNge (digital album) release date december 7th 2020