release date:

October 17, 2022


DD Sanchez is Dirk Da Davo (former The Neon Judgement) & Sanchez.
Sanchez: bass and slide guitar
Dirk Da Davo: guitars, keyboards ,vocals, programming. Artwork by Joerg Schanze Puppet image: Chanita by Roberto (Gran Tarajal) Produced by Dirk Da Davo @ Fuerte Sound Station 2022 Mastered by CMS Productions, Belgium.
Cat nr DDD041

DD Sanchez : HappyGrey


1. Vampire State
2. One Thing
3. Man in the Dark
4. She Prays
5. Cities in Dust
6. What Comes Around
7. Whirl
8. Push it Up , Pull it out
9. Just Fun
10. Waiting

DD SANCHEZ HappyGrey Biography

So, enter the year 2022 with my good bassman friend Sanchez. I was really surprised to see Sanchez arriving in Spain 6 months ago, completely unexpected and for reasons, oh boy!!!
His immense popularity in Mexico as a musician leaded him to high places in the Mexican hierarchy, such as people from the Escobar clan! There he started an affair with a niece from Pablo Escobar which did not make the family happy at all. On top, the cousin , we will not mention her name here, got pregnant from the fabulous bassman! And that surely was just too much for the Escobar family! So they decided to sent a hitman after him...
Luckely he got tipped by one of his colleague musicians. So he went on the run and he managed to book a flight ticket to Spain were he found shelter. Shortly after his arrival Dirk Da Davo invited him back into his recording studio to trow some new recordings, recordings that resulted in a full album titled “HappyGrey”. “HappyGrey” carries 10 titles holding the middle between “pop” “electro” “western” and”disco” It is considered as a Dirk Da Davo ·most happy sounding project·! Never too black or too dark, or maybe lyric wise it could be just a little bit...
So the title “HappyGrey” sounded very appropriate for the new work. “Happy Grey” will be digitally released on october 17th.2022.
Say no more! Viva the return of Sanchez!