Neon Electronics

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Neon Electronics is the project of Dirk Da Davo (The Neon Judgement) . This effort aims at electronic dance music without being specific house or techno.The sound is based on Da Davo’s 25 years of experience in the music industry which results in an electronic groove sound with influences both from modern dance music as from new wave classics. Co-productions with a.o. The Hacker, David Carretta and Franz and Shape (Italy) gave the project a solid reputation wordlwide.


When kindred souls meet across generations, the result of such cultural crossbreeding is often interesting, sometimes good and, if they really connect on different levels, mesmerizing.
As is the case for NE, the collaboration between Dirk Da Davo – he of THE NEON JUDGEMENT fame – and Glenn Keteleer a- relentless dark techno producer with two albums and a string of EP’s under his belt. There is common ground, of course: both already co-produced tracks with the likes of The Hacker, David Carretta and Millimetric, and made applauded appearances on Dave Clarke’s ‘White Noise Radio’ playlists.
But perhaps even more significant: both share a dystopian view on present and future, where it’s open season for governments and multinational corporations that seem to have received a license to kill the privacy and freedom of the individual, and a mutual sonic understanding that includes pounding beat bonanzas next to brooding krautrock, marshy soundscapes and twisted dub. So yes, it’s dark. And loud. But it’s a darkness with a loudly beating heart. Pretty? No.
Hauntingly beautiful? Absolutely.

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